Style: American Brown Ale

Introduction: July 1997
Availability: Kegs and bottles

Nimbus Brown Ale is a rich, medium-bodied American-style brown ale known for its exceptional character and light, friendly flavor. Unlike heavier English-style brown ales, the light, smooth Nimbus Brown is sure to please even the most discriminating dark beer lovers. Nimbus Brown will even win over light beer drinkers who typically shy away from dark beers because of the alcohol content and heaviness.

The flavor of this Arizona-brewed Brown Ale is derived from its two crystal malts and is rounded with a nutty flavoring from chocolate malt and a hint of black patent malt. The smooth malt blend is accented by the aromatics from imported Czech Saaz hops. This combination provides a mild malt flavor and a relatively dry, aromatic finish.

Nimbus Brown Ale is an Arizona favorite available throughout the year. It is 5.0% alcohol by volume.

Complimentary Foods:
Steaks, Stews, Spicy dishes

Key Product Attributes

Sold in bottles for wider distribution channels
Made with pure quality tested water
Made with 100% eight-malt blend
Made with choice domestic hops
Made using a top fermenting ale yeast
A moderate 5.0% ABV
Conditioned at lager temperatures for added smoothness
No preservatives or additives
Brewed locally and dated to assure freshness
A light, smooth drinkability that is uncharacteristic of a dark beer – a great taste!
Brown Ale Profile

OG: 12.50° Plato
FG: 2.75° Plato
ABV: 5.0% ABV
IBU: 28.6 IBU
Color: 35 SRM