Style: Northwestern Pale Ale

Introduction: January 1997
Availability: Kegs and bottles

Nimbus Pale Ale is a perfect representation of true Northwestern-style Pale Ales. Our Pale’s intense bitterness and aroma comes from being aggressively “hopped” four times during the brewing process using generous quantities of choice Chinook, Columbus and Cascade hops. We balance the flavor with just enough malt sweetness from five varieties of fine pale malts: Two-Row, Pale, Caramel, Cara-Pils and Munich malts. The flavor of our Pale is attributed to its assertive hops bitterness and spicy hop aroma, and the balance of the subtle five-malt blend and slight fruitiness.

Nimbus Pale is a clean, crisp beer that is probably not for beginners. The beer stands as one of the best examples of the Northwestern-style Pales brewed today. Pale Ale is 5.5% alcohol by volume.

Complimentary Foods:
Chicken, Fish, Pasta, Pork and Oriental foods

Key Product Attributes

Our most popular ale
Sold in bottles for wider distribution
Made with pure quality tested water
Made with a 100% five-malt blend
Made with choice domestic hops
Made using a top fermenting ale yeast
A moderate 5.5% ABV
Conditioned at lager temperatures for added smoothness
No preservatives or additives
Brewed locally and dated to assure freshness
Warning: this beer is made for true hop lovers. It is not for beginners to the craft beer revolution.
Pale Ale Profile

OG: 13.10° Plato
FG: 2.5° Plato
ABV: 5.5% ABV
Color: 5.2 SRM